Rotating Cement Head

China Rotating Cement Head supplier

The Rotating Cement Head (RCH) is one kind of cementing tools. It executes the client’s rotating and reciprocating cementing process while conditioning the well in the cement job. It is Designed for longlife, the Rotating Cement Head features a non-leak swivel design that allows for continuous rotation in long periods of time, resulting in a better cement job. Because of Modular in design, So the Rotating Cement Head can meet customers’ unique cementing services needs.



No Leak Swivel Design In-house designed swivel allows for circulation and rotation at high RPMs for extended periods of time with no decrease in reliability
Compact in SizeApproximately 25-50% shorter in length than competing tools
Modular Configuration Composed of Quick Connects for ease of maintenance, tool can be broken down and rebuilt within one hour on location if necessary
Able to tie into casing running tool or top drive on-site at moment’s notice by simply switching the connection
Compatible with all casing running tools and top drive systems
Able to install cement iron on rig floor
Significantly faster rig-up/rig-down time than competing tools
Safety ConsciousAPI 8C certified
Blocklocks eliminates backout hazard
Ball valve features full bore ID access for well control situations
Broken down, rebuilt, and pressure tested prior to each job
Eliminates common cementing challenges – zonal isolation, mud removal, channeling, static fluid buildup
Simple & Reliable Plug Launch Quick, quarter turn plug release system with no need to unscrew release plug
Flag sub indicator easily identifies when a plug or ball has been successfully launched
Capable of dropping multiple plugs or balls in varying lengths and sizes
On-site or facility plug installation with customer/cementer witness

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