Slip On Single Piece Bow Spring Centralizer

Made in China Slip on Single Piece Bow Spring Centralizer


Slip On Single Piece Bow Spring Centralizer Information

  • 1.Shuttle bow spring
  • 2.Higher restoring force than API standard
  • 3.Integrate steel plate to process
  • 4. Paint baking
  • 5.Any size available

China Slip On Single Piece Bow Spring Centralizer Features

• Rating—API Specification 10D Standard
•Design features

– Smooth bow profile overall
–Made to gauge
– Integral bow design for increased strength and performance
– Zero weak points, such as hinges, welds, or mechanical interlocks
– Flexible to absorb both axial and radial loading
– Powder coated red finish
– Zero start and running force with exceptional restoring force
– Improved flow by area and improved pipe rotation
– Low torque and low drag units
– Improved zonal isolation
• Applications
– Used in most well applications and geometries for vertical, horizontal extended reach drilling, close tolerance, or underreamed well conditions
– Specialized in centralization for underreamed sections
• Recommended to be run between limit clamps
• Sizes available—4-1/2 to 20 in.; custom sizes available

 Single Piece Centralizer Product Images

Single Piece Centralizer Product Show

Single Piece Centralizer Coating

Single Piece Centralizer :Shuttle Bow Spring increases restoring force

Single Piece Centralizer Production(Raw Material from 65Mn Steel Plate)

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