Spiral Vane Composite Centralizer

Spiral Vane Composite Centralizer

China Spiral Vane Composite Centralizer Information

  • 1.Available in sizes 4-1/2″ to 20″
  • 2.Reducing the drag force
  • 3.Reducing flow area
  • 4.Increase maximum centralization
  • 5.High standoff

China Spiral Vane Composite Centralizer Advantage

1.Composite centralizer is designed to reduce drag and friction down hole it have lower friction factors, ultimate drag and rotational torque reduction, increased abrasion resistance for maximum stand-off.
2. Vanes are designed to enhance hole cleaning using maximized flow-by area.
3.They are design to provide optimum flow and its fins or blades overlap the entire 360-degree open hole circumference.
4.Therefore it reduces flow area between the spiral vane and creates vortex motion to increase fluid velocity with direction.
5.Extra length of fins gives maximum centralization, high stand off and increase annular turbulence.
6.Even without rotation, the relived angle fins/ blades induce turbulent flow for improved cutting and filter cake removal.
7.Composite centralizer withstands high well bore temperature up to 200 degree Celsius while providing maximum horizontal stand off.
8.These Centralizers are well head friendly and have high impact with shock resistance, and Shock proof along with optimum tensile and yield strength.
9.Composite Centralizer are constructed of one-piece in superior quality polymer.
10.Centralizers are available in standard length only. This Centralizer has surface finishing on CNC Lathe, and then rigid inspection makes a quality product.
11.They are available in all sizes ranging from 4 1/2″ to 20″ for any hole combination.
12.Any special sizes are available on request.

Spiral Vane Composite Centralizer for Sale

China Spiral Vane Composite Centralizer
China Spiral Vane Composite Centralizer

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