XGS-A Hydraulic liner Hanger


XGS-A Hydraulic liner Hanger is hydraulically set by applying pressure through the run-in string. A setting ball is circulated and dropped to ball seat built into the lauding collar. Applied pressure acts on the internal piston and moves shps up the cone to the set position.


  • Used for casing cementing ill slim hole, sidetracking wells.
  • Hydraulically controlled, higher hanger setting success ratio.
  • Instead of piston, the cylinder moves the slips up to set position. Reduced the motion resistance, more reliable setting.
  • Sealing element is made from nitrile/fluorine rubber, rating temperate 120°C/200°C.
  • Main parts are made with high-strength alloy steel providing high burst/collapse resistance.
  • Setting tool can be easily released just by slacking off certain weight and using right hand rotation.
  • Retrievable pack-off bushing can be retrieved with setting tool, avoid drill-out.

XGS-A Hydraulic Liner Hanger technical Parameters

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