Annular Casing Packer

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Annular Casing Packer

Annulus casing packers ( ACP )are run as part of the casing string in open or cased holes to provide consistent,reliable annular and zonal isolation protection and security.

Can be used in various conditions of deep wells, ultra deep wells 、 directional wells ,horizontal wells and side tracing wells.

Special design of solid core packer which can get reliable sealing ability between casings or between casing and open hole.

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  • Can be used in various conditions of deep wells、ultra—deep wells、directional wells、horizontal wells and side-tracking wells;
  • Special design of solid core packer which can get reliable sealing ability between casings or between casing and open hole;
  • Good high temperature resistant performance ,can stand Max working temperature range:204°C;
  • Quantity of packers is optional depending on the sizes of casings and open holes;
  • The inner diameter of packer is the same as drill-out diameter of casing strings.

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