Circulating Sub

Circulating Sub

  Circulating Sub (also called Circulating Head) is an accessory attached to the top of the drill pipe or tubing to form a connection with the mud system to permit circulation of the drilling mud to help properly locate the casing string.There are drill pipe thread circulation head, casing thread circulation head, union thread circulation head. Its top end connects to drill pipe via drill pipe thread, or connects to the hose, the bottom connects to casing joint via casing BTC (LTC/STC).


  Helps to eliminate stuck drill pipe by making it possible to maintain pressure and circulation in the hole and to rotate drill pipe with the rotary table while conducting wire line coring operations, fishing jobs’ or directional testing.


  • 1. Compact and easy to operate
  • 2. Material, high strength
  • 3. Adapt the application pressure


When order please list:

  •   1. Pipe Size
  •   2 Pressure Rating (i.e. working & test pressure).
  •   3. Type of Connection i.e. – Upper Connection in Tee (Male or Female line Pipe Threads)
  •   - Lower Connection (Pin & Box) for Tubing, Casing, Drill Pipe & Tool Joint
  •   - Circulating Hose Connections (Male or Female Line Pipe Threads)


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Circulating Sub (also called Circulating Head)
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