Liner Hanger System

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Mechanical and hydraulic liner hangers systems are mainly composed of: liner hanger assembly, feeding tool assembly, sealing assembly, ball seat assembly, rubber plug, floating collar, floating shoes, core pipe coupling and others.

JC Petro liner hanger system (also called liner system) includes a liner hanger, polished bore receptacle (PBR) and a liner-top packer,Sealing assembly,Setting Tool. Liner hanger systems can be mechanical or hydraulic, premium or standard, rotating or non-rotating, conventional or expandable and pocket slip. Each of the systems is used in different applications. 

SSX-A hydraulic liner hanger :

The SSX-A is hydraulic liner hanger features with double cones,double cylinders and double-row slips,set by applying pressure through the run-in string.A setting ball is circulated or a ball seat built into the landing collar.Applied pressure acts on the internal piston and moves slips up the cone to the set position.

Product Features:

  • 1.To be set by hydraulically,which is designed for in all types of wells.
  • 2.Can set easily with two different setting mechanism.
  • 3.Working with setting-set carrier,the SSX-A is suitable for applications in horizontal or high-deveated wells.
  • 4.The piston sealing element is made of nitrile/fluorine rubber for higher pressure and temperature ratings.
  • 5.Main parts are fabricated with high-strength alloy steel providing high burst/collapse resistance.

Specifications (mm):13-3/8”×9-5/8”,9-5/8”×7”, 7”×5”

Rated Load(T):180、120 、80

Sealing Capacity (MPa):>25

Body Max O.D.(mm):308、215  、148   

Body Min I.D.(mm):220、155、108

Top Packer Liner Hanger


  • 1,A liner top packer is incorporated into a liner hanger to seal liner/casing overlap after setting the liner.
  • 2,The packer is set by compression.
  • 3,Ppacker element has superior capacity to resist aeid, alkali,oil and high temperature.
  • 4.The packer is capable of holding 5,000psi differential pressure.

Specifications(mm):9-5/8” / 7”  /5”   


Polished Bore Receptacle

Mated with tie-back assembly,it can tieback the liner to the top of well and act as efficiency sealing.The polished bore receptacle(PRB)is a highly machined component with a polished bore.


  • 1、High quality surface finish on the inner seal bore for optimum sealing property.
  • 2、The top end is chamfered for easy entry.
  • 3、Manufactured to strict roundness and wall thickness tolerances,giving optimum burst and collapse pressure ratings.


Length,mm;3500 /3100/2880


Sealing Assembly

The Sealing assembly comprises shell and pack off bushing and is used to seal the annular clearance between polished nipple and liner hanger body so as to build pressure after the ball reaches the landing collar,preventing current from passing through upwaed. There are sinistral-threads on the top of connecting setting tool.


  • 1. The pack off bushing can be brought out of well,saving much drill out time.
  • 2. “W”sealing rings are used to obtain two-side sealing.The sealing effect is better and it’s sealing caoacity is more than 25Mpa.
  • 3.With centralized block on body,it makes the hanger center easily.

Setting Tool

The setting tools are used to run,set,and manipulate liners,and isdesigned to bear weight of liners after setting.The roller-bearing race and reverse-nut provide the most reliable system for releasing drill pipe from liners.


1,The thrust bearing ensures ;positive release from liner top.

2,A longer polished nipple helps to judge if the sinistral-threads ware released or not .

3,With a traoezoidal-threaded joint,the setting tool is convenient to disassemble and carry.

4,Drill pipe threed at top.

Technical Parameters:

Trapezoidal-threads  Joint :IF4-1/2”  IF 3-1/2”  

Min I.D.,mm:φ76 φ52

Sealing Capacity,Mpa:35       

Carrying Capacity of Supporting Sleeve,t:20

Pump down Plug

The Pump down Plug has a series of four rubber wipers of different sizes. Various sizes allow the plug to wipe the inside of tool joints and liner setting string. It performs well in highly-deviated and horizontal setting string. The plug is designed to seat securely into the wiper plug.
The two plugs then move as one down the liner to the landing collar.

Technical Parameters

Specifications,mm:9-7/8“/ 7“/5”

Max O.D.of Guide Head,mm:φ63/ φ58/φ45

Length of Pumpdown Plug,mm:295/355/295

Liner Wiper Plug

The Liner Wiper Plug may be shear-pinned on the bottom of the setting tool. The conjunction with pump down plug keeps mud to be separated from cement and removes the cement from the inside of the liner.

Technical Parameters

Specifications,mm:9-7/8“ / 7“/ 5“

Shearing Pressure,Mpa:13-14


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