Mechanical Stage Cement Collar

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Mechanical Stage Cement Collar

Applicable to vertical wells or inclined wells with small inclination angle. The tool length is short, which can effectively reduce bending stress.

The strength of all components meets or exceeds the API standard of the corresponding casing.

Single nails installed at a single entrance, greatly reducing potential leakage channels.

Opening and closing pressure can be adjusted according to the actual situation

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Between the body of the grading hoop and the lower joint, it provides the sealing pressure for the metal-to-metal seal and the auxiliary rubber seal Perfectness. The sliding sleeve is anti-rotation design, and has a superior mechanical lock ring structure to prevent it from being reopened after being stressed. The material of the opening plug is aviation series aluminum alloy, and the strength meets the requirements. The length of the open seat and the close seat is short, which can reduce the time of drilling operation. The closing plug is designed with a pressure relief hole to ensure reliable closing.


  • 1、Anti-rotation mechanism protects the closing sleeve from damage while drilling out the opening and closing seats.
  • 2、No fluid trapping while opening and closing the ports.
  • 3、All internal parts are made of easily drillable material.
  • 4、A Pump-Down Opening Plug can be used for a continuous two-stage cementing operation.