Stop Collar

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Stop Collar

Stop Collar is used to hold centralizer or cement baskets on any position of casing. It is to limit the axial movement of centralizer and cement baskets.. Keep centralizers and other casing attachments in place on the casing.


  • Hinged Stop Collars,
  • Hinged Spiral Nail Stop Collars,
  • Slip on set Screw Stop Collars

Size: 4 1/2“ to 30″

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Specification(in)ID(mm)OD(mm)Height (mm)Holding Force(KN)
20 “51352720040
13 3/ 8”33835020040
10 3/ 4”27228412040
9 5/ 8”2452578040
8 1/ 8”2062188040
7 5/ 8”1932858030
6 5/8″1711825030
5 1/ 2”1391515030
4 1/ 2”1141265024

Stop Collars Types


Stop collar with set-screw

The hinged stop collar has an internal groove into which a locking pin is driven, firmly wedging the collar into positbn around the casing.


Hinged Stop Collar With Pin

Solid collar set-screw device gives excellent gripping force and used where high axial loads are expected.


Hinged Stop Collar with Bolt

The stop collar has a cross-bolt design that makes installation quick and easy..


What is Stop Collar?
Stop Collar is one set of Position device (stop ring).It is also called position ring, stop circular, brake ring, etc.

The Stop Collar is a single piece collar and the gripping force is applied by one row of sets crew.It is used where high axial load tighten the collar to the casing tightly.They slid the casing pipe without any issue and it is quite easy to install.


  • 1-Stop Collar sizes are from 4-1/2 inch to 20inch,any special sizes are available.
  • 2–The stop collars can be installed on any position on casing to limit the axial movement of centralizers and cement baskets.
  • 3–The Stop Collar is made from seamless steel pipe.
  • 4–We have integral punching slip on stop collar made from steel plate and then processed by punching machines,then the two ends welded.It is weight.
  • 5–A row of screws can make stop collar tighten on the casing,our screws are hexagon and then we will give you tool to install the hexagon.
  • 6–The slip on stop collar can pass the casing by beveled edge.
  • 7–powder baking or paint baking coating
  • 8–Steel or Aluminum Alloy slip on stop collars are available.


Stop Collar is used to hold centralizer or cement baskets on any position of casing. It is to limit the axial movement of centralizer and cement baskets.. Keep centralizers and other casing attachments in place on the casing.

  • Slip on set screw stop collar ring is a one-piece stop collar.
  • It is slipped onto the end of casing and up to the top of the joint to the desired location.
  • The set screws are tightened to approximately 35ft-lbf.
  • This style of stop collar can hold forces up to 20,000lb.
  • They are designed for close-tolerance liner jobs as well as in the installation of cement baskets and centralizers of different designs.
  • The outside ends of these heavy duty stop collar are generally tapered to a degree(single piece develled/double develled) which helps to hold the casing centralizer and avoid the ends to hit the Bows / Vanes when the casing centralizers are placed over them.
  • This kinds of set screw stop collar is recommended for small hole operation.
  • It is used when holding force requirement is very high.
  • This style stop collar is available in 3 1/2 inch to 30 inch casing sizes.

Hinged stop collars

Hinged stop collars that use hardened inserts (dogs) to provide a positive lock onto the casing.

The specially designed dogs bite into the casing, which provides the stop collar’s strong holding force. Hinged Stop Collars secure placement and limits travel on attachments to casing string.The recommended torque on the bolt is approximately 25 to 35ft-lb.

  • The stop collar uses a single draw bolt tightening mechanism with “hardened inserts” to grip the casing once tightened.
  • Hinged Stop Collar is Designed to latch on the casing pipe without having to be slipped on at the end of the casing pipe allowing quick and easy installation.
  • When properly installed, the hinged stop collar can provide a holding force up to 40,000lb.
  • The locking mechanism is at 180 degrees of the hinge.
  • This design does not make any marks or indentations on the casing.
  • This style stop collar is available in 4-1/2 inch to 20 inch

How to Install and use the stop collar?

1 When use screw type stop collar,Fastening screw stop ring , slip over the casing, set into the casing, tighten the screws using wrench.

2 When use fixed screw stop collar, put the collar around the casing, insert the screw, and knock into screws by hammer.

3.when install buckle type stop collar, direct stop ring button on the casing,lock with pin, then knocked into the screws.

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