Single Plug Cement Head

China Single Plug Cement Head

The single plug cementing head is special tool for pumping slurry and releasing plug and can be connected with casing.We are the Single Plug cement head manufacturer with API Certificate.Different size single plug cement head can be supplied.

Single Plug Cement Head
Single Plug Cement Head

China single plug cementing head Features

  • Main parts are made from AISI4145H alloy steel.
  • Quick-latch adapter is designed to offer easier, faster and safer makeup for two-stage cementing. 
  • It is manufactured utilizing API grade steels with API threads.
  • Positive lever indicates plug releasing.
  • Balance pipe is developed.

Technical Parameters

China Single Plug Cementing Head Features
China Single Plug Cementing Head Features


The manufacturing process of Single Plug Cementing Head

The package Of Single Plug Cementing Head

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