Single Plug Cement Head

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Single Plug Cement Head

The Single Plug Cement Head is a special cementing equipment and tool for grouting and releasing rubber plug. It has a single plug container and can be connected with casing.

It can couple with one plug, and make the drilling fluid fill into drill pipe in turn and quickly, simplify cementing operation and prevent cement pollution. 

We are a Single Plug Cement Head manufacturer.

  • Size : 4″,4 1/2″,5 1/2″,7″, 7 5/8″, 9 5/8″, 11 3/4″,13 3/8″,20″.
  • Pressure: 35MPa – 70 MPa

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Single Plug cement head Specification

Size,  mm
Specifications, (in)
Φ101 (4”)Φ114 (4 1/2”)Φ139.7
Φ508 (20”)
Overall Length, mm135013501460150015001550175017501780 1990
I.D. of Plug Container, mmΦ104Φ117Φ125Φ150Φ160Φ175Φ225Φ250Φ320Φ508
Length of Plug Container, mm300300400450450450550550600650
Working Pressure, MPa35,5035,5035,5035,5035,5035,5035,5035,2135,21 35,21 


The Cement Head is a kind of cementing tool which is special for pumping slurry and releasing plug. It can be used as wellhead unit in all kinds of cementing operation.

We are the Single Plug cement head manufacturer with API Certificate. Different size single plug cement head can be supplied.

JC Single Plug cement head can be connected with casing. It makes the drilling fluid fill into casing in turn and quickly.

It’s structure is Simple, easy to fix, especially the quick joint make sure the convenience of fix in site.


Single Plug Cement Head


  1. Quick-latch adapter is designed to offer easier, faster and safer makeup for two-stage cementing. It is manufactured utilizing API grade steels with connections for API 8 round, buttress and premium threads.
  2. Positive lever indicates plug releasing.
  3. Main parts are made from AISI 4145H alloy steel.
  4. Top cover and union nut with large trapezoidial-threaded, it makes the tool convenient to disassemble and carry.
  5. Not only common thread,also special thread cement head can be produced including NEW VAM,VAM TOP,FJ ETC.


The Single Plug Cement Head is a wellhead equipment. It has a single plug container and it is used for single plug cementing.It is a device fitted to the top joint of a casing string to hold a cement plug before it is pumped down the casing during the cementing operation.

In most operations, a bottom plug is launched before the spacer or cement slurry. The top cement plug is released from the cement head after the spacer fluid.

Most cement heads can hold both the top and bottom plugs. A manifold incorporated into the cement head assembly allows connection of a fluid circulation line.

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