Top Drive Cement Head

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Top Drive Cement Head

We are a top drive Cement Head manufacturer.

  • Size : 4″,4 1/2″,5 1/2″
  • Pressure: 35 MPa – 50 MPa

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Top drive head has a connection on top to thread onto the quill of the top drive. This allows you to rotate your casing while pumping cement.

The pump cement through the bottom valve and then displace the cement via the top valve after dropping drill pipe dart that is loaded in the head and released when open the release valve.

4 ½” Top Drive Cement Head Parameter

Size: mmΦ114.3
Size:  inch(4 ½”)
Overall Length mm1800
I.D. of Plug Container, mmΦ89
Length of Plug Container, mm380
Rated Pressure, MPa35, 50
Threads4½IF NC50
Total Weight, kgs160
Package size,mm2000*600*250mm


  • Can be directly connected to the top drive and rotate the liner;
  • Designed with a bypass circulation channel.It can still be circulated through the top drive when the drill pipe rubber plug is installed;
  • High-load bearing design. Ensure the safe rotation of pipe string activity and cementing process;
  • The seal is reliable during rotation. Can withstand high pressure.