6 5/8″ 168mm two Stage cementing collar

Two Stage Cementing Collar

1.  Structure

6 5/8″(Φ168mm) Two Stage Cementing Collar tool mainly consists of two-stage coupling , first-stage plug,shut-off baffle, free-fall opening plug and closing plug. It structure as below drawing.


Two-Stage-Cementing-Collar pictures as below



6 5/8″(Φ168mm) Stage collar is a mechanical tool used to complete the cementing operation into two times. Mainly used in the following circumstances:

1.Excessive injection of cement at one shot.

2. The formation cannot bear the gigantic fluid pressure.

3. Packoff special strata.

4. Avoid the occurrence of annual air channeling after the cementing job.

5. The considerable temperature difference  between the upper and lower section makes it rather difficult to adjust the slurry performance.

3.  Main features

  • 1. It  uses the inner-closing  structure and  the locking device  on the closing  sleeve, the lock is reliable after the closing.
  • 2. The liquid would not occur in the loculum when opening or closing.
  • 3. The  ID. of upper/lower  sub should be  the same  as that of  casing, it can  protect the stage collar from damaging  when the bits going down and doing the drill-out operation.
  • 4. All the accessories  are made in the drillable rubber or aluminum material.They have the function of anti-rotation ,it can make the drillout easy.
  • 5. You can use the pumping-down plug to carry out the continuous process.

4.The main technical parameters

Specification of  6 5/8″(Φ168mm) Two Stage Cementing Collar

Opening Pressure,(Mpa) 7
Closing Pressure (MPa)5.5
Sealing Capacity (MPa)25
Sealing Capacity (MPa)25
Connection Thread6 5/8″ (OTTM or others)
Max. OD. (mm)Φ197
ID . (mm) Φ150
Length of first-stage plug (mm) 320
Length of free-fall opening plug (mm) 285
Length of closing plug(mm) 280
Overall Length (mm)  1180

If you need more details,such as price,USER’S    MANUAL, Operation procedures of mechanical two stage collar,welcome contact us.

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