Characteristic Of Casing Centralizer

Characteristic Of Casing Centralizer

As a Centralizer provider and Manufacturer in China, we would like to introduce the characteristic of the casing centralizer.

The casing of the Casing Centralizer are often swimmingly lowered to the specified depth and therefore the casing is located in the center of the well. It is Sure to switch the grout with a clean ring of mud. Get a additional uniform cement ring. this may effectively improve the cementing quality of cementing water.Casing centralizer could be a robot secured round the casing at varied locations to stay the casing from contacting the wellbore walls. As a results of casing centralization, endless annulated clearance round the casing permits cement to utterly seal the casing to the borehole wall.

Casing Centralizer is easy in structure, simple to use, long lasting and low cost. Centralizer’s usage is extensive! it’ s estimated that ten million centralizers are factory-made and used per annul globally. Our output every year can meet your need.

If you have any inquiry about the casing centralzier,welcome to contact us.we will reply you in time and with details.If you have any special request on it. our engineer will contact you and give you sulution about it.

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