How many types of Centralizer do you know?

As one of casing centralizer manufacturers and Suppliers in China,we can produce it as per client’s casing centralizer specification and design. Do you know how many types of centralizer in oilfield using?Today,Let us make a centralizer list for you.This collection list includes all types of the centralizer.

General speaking, there is 2 main types of centralizer: Solid Rigid Centralizers and Bow Spring Centralizers

The Solid Rigid Centralizers types list:
1. Straight Vane Steel Solid Rigid Centralizer
2. Spiral Vane Steel Solid Rigid Centralizer
3.Straight Vane Roller Centralizer
4.Spiral Vane Roller Steel Solid Rigid Centralizer
5.Straight Vane Composite Centralizer
6.Spiral Vane Composite Centralizer
7. Spiral Vane Roller Composite Centralizer
8.Straight Vane Aluminium Solid Rigid Centralizer
9.Spiral Vane Aluminium Solid Rigid Centralizer
10.Slip On Stand Off Band Centralizer
11.Slip On Welded Positive Spirolizer
12.Slip On Welded Straight Cage Rigid Centralizer

The Bow Spring Centralizers types list:
1.Bow Springs Centralizer-PC Type
2.Slip on Single Piece Bow Spring Centralizer
3.Hinged Non Welded Bow Spring Casing Centralizer
4.Hinged Non Welded Positive Casing Centralizer
5. Hinged Non Welded Semi Rigid Bow Spring Centralizer
6. Hinged Non Welded Stainless Steel Bow Spring Centralizer
7.Hinged Welded Bow Spring Centralizer
8.Hinged Non Welded Bow Spring Turbolizer
9.Slip On Welded Positive Casing Centralizer
10.Slip On Welded Bow Spring Centralizer
11.Slip On Semi-Rigid Welded Bow Spring Centralizer
12.Slip On Welded Bow Spring Turbolizer

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