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Liner Hanger Size

Liner hange size is different as per the application of the oil and gas well and depth. From 4-1/2″ ,5″ , 7″ ,8″ , 9-5/8″ , 16″ to 20″ liner hanger, they are all our product.

JC Perto manufactures both mechanical and hydraulic Liner Hanger.JC Petro mechanical liner hanger features a simple operation, with no pitching ball to build pressure. It completes setting through lifting, corotation and placing down. Applied in vertical and inclined wells, it is a complex completion method combined with many sets of tools.

We are an oil and gas liner hanger system manufacturer. Our hydraulic liner hanger finishes setting by pitching to build pressure. With special tools, the liner hanger and the tail pipe can be sent down into the well’s depth of any design, finishing liner hanger through hydraulic transfer.

JC Petro Convectional liner hangers are widely used in technology and production tail pipe cementing of oil and gas wells, brine wells and geothermal wells.
We have mproved these liner hangers. So sealed liner hanger, a rotatable liner hanger, expandable tubular liner hanger can be produced.
We offer a full range of liner hanger systems and accessories for conventional, medium, and complex well applications. As well as deepwater and high-pressure, high-temperature environments.

Liner Hanger Features

The hot selling liner hanger size in oilfield well drilling are 4-1/2″ ,5″ , 7″ ,8″ , 9-5/8″ , 16″ to 20″ liner hanger.Especially the API Standard Mechanical Liner Hanger 5″ /5 1/2″/ 7″ /9 5/8″/ 13 3/8″.

1,High-quality alloy steel , high mechanical strength, the weight of hoisting ,hydraulic control block could be used for a variety of well conditions.

2,Rubber plugs ,the ball seat are designed with a locking and good drill ability .

3,Seal with the wick could made into tools .

4,Seals could take multiple sets with two way sealing function and good sealing effect.

5,The upper and lower hanger rings are fitted with righting we could guarantee hanger center, improve the efficiency of hanging seat, but also can protect the cylinder; kava.

6,No need to buckle down and find the point, as long as hanger at 5-10tons of pressure, when is transferred, you could easily fall open .


Parameter of API Standard Mechanical Liner Hanger 5″ /5 1/2″/ 7″ /9 5/8″/ 13 3/8″

external diameter of upper layer sleevesexternal diameter of pipe tail weight External diameter
ininlbs/ft in
5 1/23 3/414.0-20.04.665
74 1/226.0-32.05.969
9 5/85 1/240.0-47.08.469
9 5/8740.0-47.08.469
13 3/89 5/854.5-68.012.125


1.Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
We are both manufacturer and trading company.

2.Can you produce products with my own brand?

Yes,we can offer OEM services.

3.Do you have any international certificate?

Yes,we have API,  ISO and Q1.

4.How long does my order take to be delivered?

It usually takes 5 to 30 days,which generally depends on the quantity of your order and our storage.

5. Why choose JC Petro?
JC Petro is a professional oilfield equipment supplier in China. We have strictly quality control system for high quality and strictly testing before shipping.

If you have any inquiry of oilfield liner hanger equipment and tools,such as Mechanical Liner Hangers, Hydraumatic Liner hangers, Liner hanger with packer,tie back liner hanger,expandable liner hanger. Contact us freely.

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