SYX-A Liner Hanger


SYX-A Liner Hanger, designed with double cone and double row slips structure, is hydraulically set by applying pressure through the run-in string. After brass ball isdropped to ball seat in landing collar, high pressure fluid acts on piston inside cylinder and move slips upward to set position.


  • Be set hydraulically, suitable for shallow and medium-depth wells.
  • The dual-cone structure is suitable for hanging long heavy liner in deep wells. Liner weight is distributed onto the internal wall of the previous casing more evenly.
  • Working with ball-setting carrier, suitable for horizontal and highly-deviated wells.
  • Sealing element is made from nitrile/fluorine rubber, rating temperature 120°C/200°C.
  • Main parts are made with high-strength alloy steel providing high burst/collapse resistance.
  • Setting tool can be easily released just by slacking off certain weight and using right hand rotation.
  • Retrievable pack-off bushing can be retrieved with setting tool, avoid drill-out.

SYX-A Liner Hanger Technical Parameters

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