centralizer introduction use principle

The centralizer introduction use principle

First, the introduction of the centralizer

The centralizer is a cementing tool. It is simple to manufacture, beautiful in structure, strong and durable, and has a large righting force. It overcomes the shortage of the original welded centralizer and is prone to de-soldering. It is a centralizer that can ensure the cementing quality of drilling.
There are many types of centralizers, which can be divided into roller type, slider type, and automatic reversing type according to the structure. The types of centralizers produced by our company include: oil pipe centralizer, sucker rod centralizer, casing centralizer, special oil pipe centralizer, full metal sucker rod centralizer and nylon centralizer. Centralizers of different structures and materials are suitable for different types of eccentric oil wells. The key technology for using the centralizer anti-biasing process is the position, spacing and number of centralizer installations.

Second, the use of centralizer

Due to the complexity of the well conditions of the oil wells, the following problems often occur in the production process of the pumping wells. At this time, the centralizers begin to function.

  1. Sucker rod partial grinding: After the slanting of the sucker rod, the production rate of the pumping unit well will be reduced and the production cost will be increased.
  2. Low pump efficiency: the eccentric wear increases the friction of the upper stroke and increases the load of the pumping unit, increasing energy consumption, large stroke loss, and low pump efficiency;
  3. As the water content of the liquid is increased, the specific gravity of the liquid is increased, so that the load of the oil pump is increased and the loss is increased to increase the pump efficiency.

Third, the principle of centralizer

The centralizer is a new oil extraction tool used in oil field pumping wells. It is a new type of product that can improve the pumping efficiency of the pump. It is a sliding valve automatic opening and closing structure that is connected to the sucker rod. When the sucker rod is under the stroke, it is slippery. The valve is opened upward to open the oil passage on the positive body. When the sucker rod is on the stroke, the slide valve is closed to close the oil passage on the positive body. Therefore, by stepping the liquid column, the load and pump load of the sucker rod are reduced in stages, the pump leakage is reduced, the elastic elongation deformation of the sucker rod is reduced, the stroke loss is reduced, the effective stroke of the pump is increased, and the pump cylinder is filled. Quantity, improve pump efficiency.