114 mm Liner Hanger Packer

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114 mm 4 1/2 inch Liner Hanger Packer Manufacturer

We are a China (114 mm) 4 1/2 inch liner hanger packer Manufacturer and supplier. We exported this type more than 500 sets each year.


The liner hanger packer is set by applying weight and includes slips that are activated by pressure.

It is a hydraulically actuated rotational liner hanger designed expressly for challenging applications. It can be used with various open hole and cemented multistage stimulation systems or as a stand alone cemented liner hanger.

Liner hanger packer structure / schema

Beside the competitive price we can provide,its excelent features ensure its supper qualtiy.

  • Hydraulic set hanger/mechanical set packer utilizing proprietary, high pressure packing element
  • Packer forms annular seal to prevent micro-annular leaks at liner top
  • Exceptional liner hanging capacity
  • Upper seal bore allows floated sealing for frac, accommodating all ball sizes
  • Right hand rotation to release hydraulic setting tool after packer is set
  • Packer can be set with mechanical dog sub
  • Hydraulic release setting equipment available
  • Non-weld design, one-piece body with premium threads,High strength alloy steel construction
  • Suitable for short and medium liner without cementation
  • Slips and cone are designed to minimize casing stress
  • HP/HT seals

6 5/8″×4 1/2″ Liner hanger packer specification (date sheet) for your reference.

Tie-back barrel ID 130 mm
Max OD(centralizer body)152 mm (body max OD 146mm)
Main pipe ID99.6 mm
Original slip OD Not more than 134 mm
Brass ball diameter29 mm
Hollow rubber plug(KS104)
Drill pipe rubber plug (ZS78) OD 65mm
Liner hanger hangs – pump pressure7—8 MPa
Ball seat shear pressure17—20 MPa
Sealing Max pressure 25 MPa
Height After Back off ≦1.0 m
Packer setting force20—30 t
Packer lift height ≧1.5 m
Accessories :
Float shoe 4 1/2 inch, BTC
Float collar 4 1/2 inch, BTC

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